Now You See Me – Lesley Glaister

glaister-lesley-br-now-you-see-me-8538-pOur protagonist, Lamb, has run away from home and now lives a very private life squatting in a cellar and working as a cleaner, just getting by. That is, until she meets Doggo – a young criminal escaped from prison. Lamb reluctantly welcomes Doggo into her makeshift home and they begin to wrap each other up in layers of lies, hiding from the law and hiding from their own dark pasts with secrets too terrible to admit to themselves or anyone else.

Lesley Glaister’s writing is so good you’re drawn into Lamb’s dysfunctional thoughts to the point where every strange decision she makes becomes completely understandable and you really start to worry for this poor lost girl. Now You See Me is the beautiful love story of two lost souls, unconsciously helping each other get to the bottom of their tragic pasts and finding some glimmer of hope to have a real life together one day, to escape from the lonely half-lives each was struggling through before finding the other.

This is probably the most moving and engaging  story I’ve read so far and I could not recommend it more. Each turn of the page is shocking and dark, and yet completely realistic and believable. Once you pick this one up you won’t be able to put it down.

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