The Wild Hunt (The Hound That Hunts Nightmares Book 1) – Caractacus Plume

26073610Tom Dearlove is sent to stay with his uncle in Brighton during the school holidays. What seems like a boring and uneventful holiday quickly takes an exciting turn when Tom discovers that he’s there to be an apprentice of the Lyons & Hound Paranormal Investigation Agency, comprised of his eccentric uncle and the legendary Mr Hound – a huge but good natured were-wolf-wolfhound.

The Wild Hunt is full of amusing and unusual characters, set in England and written with delightful use of accent and dialect (sometimes difficult to read but certainly made things more interesting). During Tom’s adventure we meet elves, witches, vampires and an assortment of other paranormal beings. The descriptions and histories provided of each magical creature Tom encounters was a nice touch.

The storyline was quite fast-paced, detailed and intricate (but still very easy to follow), with a fun and unique writing style which helped to create an overall warm and engaging story. I give The Wild Hunt a solid 8/10.

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