Story of a Secret Heart – Cassi Ellen

1459790813In this fast-paced chick-lit we follow the adventures of Cassi, a 30-year old Brit living in Australia, dealing with the fallout of a long term relationship. In an attempt to deal with her heartbreak, Cassi drinks heavily and phones her ex 30 times per-day, until she meets a tall, dark and handsome stranger who introduces her to the world of the rich and dangerous – a world she grows to love but knows that she can’t be a part of forever.

Some of Cassi’s escapades were questionable to say the least. As quite a reserved 20-something, I did have some difficulty connecting with her character. My biggest issue was struggling to understand why she was even with her horrible boyfriend to start with because he sounded like a complete arse, and I would have run a mile from the word go. Despite this, every woman will be able to relate to Cassi to some extent, and her adventures into the world of the rich, crazy and beautiful are funny and thrilling to read. The style was super-easy to follow, and Cassi’s narrative voice was witty and engaging. (The quotes at the end of each chapter were a nice touch too.)

There’s romance, danger, humour and excitement – unpredictable from the start, up to the very last line.

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