Look Behind You – Sibel Hodge

22645249Exciting from the word go: Chloe Bensen wakes up in an underground tomb, her hands and feet bound, with no memory of how she got there. She manages to escape, only to discover a whole seven weeks are missing from her memory. Because of a recent breakdown involving hallucinations, no one believes her story. The police, her doctors and her husband all believe she had another episode, but for Chloe it was all too real. On her own, she pieces together the puzzle of what really happened. Was it another mental breakdown, or did someone kidnap her?


This story is great because it really makes you wonder what actually happened. The outcome was, sadly, quite predictable (if in doubt, always blame the husband) but the uncertainty as to whether she was really kidnapped was very effective. The writing was smooth and fast-paced, while Chloe’s erratic personality was very believable.

The only problem I had with Look Behind You was that I had absolutely no idea why Chloe married her husband. He’s awful and cruel, and it was fairly clear who the villain was going to be from the first moment we met him. The real mystery wasn’t ‘whodunit’, but whether it happened at all, and why Chloe was married to this dreadful man.

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