The Language Of Spells – Sarah Painter

untitled.pngGwen Harper is a witch. When she inherits the house of her great-aunt Iris, she’s pulled back to the village of her childhood. Inundated with visitors seeking magical assistance, Gwen tries to squash her reputation and refrain from using her powers, but she can’t resist helping people. However, not everyone is thrilled that she’s back, and someone in town seems to have it in for her. After a couple of break-ins and hexes, Gwen is forced to face up to her abilities and do whatever she can to stop her mysterious enemy from hurting her and her family. (It’s fairly obvious who the baddie is, but I won’t spoil it).

To begin with, I wasn’t particularly keen but fortunately the story did pick up and I found myself quite taken with the characters and the storyline. Alongside the magic and drama, there is, of course, a romantic aspect. Local lawyer Cameron Laing (Gwen’s childhood love) plays a big role in helping Gwen to settle in, and to deal with the strange things that begin to happen. There’s also a large focus on family, as Gwen reconnects with her niece and non-magical sister.

Sarah Painter’s writing flows, while the magical aspects are not too farfetched or overdone. There are a couple more books based on the characters in The Language of Spells, which, to be honest, I’m not dying to pick up but I’m sure will be quite easy, enjoyable reads like this one. It’s a fun book, with magic, wit, drama and romance. I would recommend this for lovers of magical realism (but I have read better).

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