Her Forget-Me-Not Ex – Sophie Claire

51gnbGZJu7LTo be honest, I’m not even sure why I got this book. It must have been on offer. As you can guess from the title, it’s a breezy chick-lit, but unfortunately not a very good one. I stuck with it because it’s not very long and I have read worse, but I probably wouldn’t recommend this one.

Natasha is shocked when her ex-husband, Luc, turns up out of the blue asking her to pretend to be his wife for two weeks in France to meet his family while his father is in hospital (yes, the storyline is that bad). She agrees and spends a pretty jolly fortnight at his family’s chateau where -shock- she and Luc begin to have feelings for each other again. No prizes for guessing how the story ends.

Sophie Claire’s writing isn’t bad, so it’s a shame the story is so terrible, although there was too much description for my liking and a lot of focus on things like what colour Natasha’s dresses or nails were. There also seemed to be an unnecessary amount of angst and stress considering that Natasha was basically having a lovely, free holiday, and even managed to rebuild her relationship with her ex. Like, come on girl, stop complaining. If you’re looking for a light and easy romance book you could certainly do worse, but I wouldn’t suggest you rush out and try this one.

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