Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

Dark+MatterWhat if alternate worlds existed?

In this complex sci-fi thriller, we follow Jason Dessen as his life is stolen from him by an alternative version of himself. (Not much more can be said about the plot without giving away too many spoilers.) Waking up in a world that is so similar to his own, and yet so very different, Jason does everything he can to get home to his wife, his son, and his life.

The characters aren’t very complex, but that’s okay because the storyline is. I’m not too sure how plausible the science behind the whole alternate universe idea is, but as someone with limited scientific knowledge, I found it both confusing yet believable (Crouch also made the wise decision not to include an explanation of the actual scientific methods used, making it difficult to pull apart). Crouch’s writing style is smooth and very easy to read. Although Dark Matter contains pretty confusing concepts, the whole story was easy to understand and completely engaging. Jason’s character wasn’t the most likeable of men in my opinion, but I sympathised with him and shared his fears as he started to doubt all he knew in his desperation to get back to his life.

The main themes (beside the alternate universe thing) are of family, and the lengths we will go to for the ones we love – which is something I think most of us can relate to. Although not a romance in the typical sense, Dark Matter is definitely a love story as well as an exciting sci-fi romp, so don’t dismiss it if sci-fi isn’t your favourite genre (it’s not mine and I really enjoyed this).

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

4 thoughts on “Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

  1. Georgiana Darcy says:

    I looooooved this book! I posted a review of it on my page where I recommended to watch a movie Coherence before reading this book. They are not the same thing but they use the same theoretical framework. I think it’s easier to understand the concepts after watching a movie AND reading a book. So, I’d still say go ahead and watch Coherence if you enjoyed Dark Matter!

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