The Breedling & the City in the Garden – Kimberlee Ann Bastian

cover95123-mediumBartholomew, an immortal soulcatcher, is on a mission which forces him to rebel against his masters and leads him to the human world, where he finds himself reliant on 17-year-old Charlie to help him navigate the streets of 1930s Chicago. Unclear on how to proceed with his mission, Bartholomew finds himself forming a bond with Charlie – one that could prove to be of massive significance.

The Breedling & The City in The Garden is the first book in The Element Odysseys and, as such, doesn’t have a terribly eventful plot. It seems largely to be setting up the story for the rest of the series, so it’s difficult to say much on the storyline so far, and absolutely nothing is answered or resolved by the end of the book. However, dedicating the first book to the setting-up of the series means that the characters are solidly established with their backstories nicely explained and the history of the world around them given. (The creation story was one of my favourite aspects of the book. The mythology is an original concept, with some magical and religious aspects thrown in for safe measure).

During the first half, I have to admit I wasn’t enthralled. The pace was slow and the writing style was far too essay-like, making the story run less smoothly. But then towards the second half the pace picked up and I found myself being really drawn in to the characters, their personal struggles, and the intrigue of the story. Now, I can’t wait for the next book.

The Breedling & the City in the Garden is due for publication in late September 2016. I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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