A Proposal to Die For – Vivian Conroy

cover96350-mediumLady Alkmene isn’t a detective, she’s bored. But when she hears about the suspicious death of the uncle of a visiting Hollywood actress, she becomes determined to uncover the truth. With the help of some of her high-class friends and the somewhat judgy journalist, Jake Dubois, Alkmene sets out to catch a killer.

Set in the twenties, A Proposal to Die For is wonderfully smooth and glamorous, in the style of Agatha Christie combined with the beauty of Gatsby. The story is very reminiscent of Poirot, with Alkmene and Dubois following clues and interviewing suspects, until the killer is revealed and they spill all the secrets of how and why they did it. Because we are introduced to characters as the story progresses, the culprit is not predictable (it’s not a standard, obvious whodunit book).

The setting is beautiful; Conroy’s description of clothes and locations paints a glorious picture of the twenties in full, vibrant colour – exactly how I imagine it. (Alkmene and Dubois’ hunt takes place largely in London, but they do also visit Dartmoor which is where I grew up, so I especially enjoyed that part).

This is the first of three Lady Alkmene Callender Mysteries, I hope the next two will be as delightful as this. The whole thing is absolutely perfect of fans of fun, inoffensive mystery.

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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