The Mine – John A. Heldt

19353394Joel Smith enters an abandoned mine in May 2000… He steps out in May 1941. Unable to return to his own time, Joel makes a life for himself in an age heading for war. Befriending his 21-year-old grandmother and her attractive friends, Joel finds himself falling in love with Grace; a girl from the right place, but the wrong time. When the chance to return home arises months later, Joel must decide whether to stay in his new life with the girl he loves, but suffer war and possibly change the future – or to return to his own time without her.

I enjoyed the story and the characters – everyone was pretty likeable – but I did struggle with how easily Joel gave up trying to get home at the start. If I accidentally time-travelled I don’t think I’d be so calm about it. I also felt that the romance between Joel and Grace was extremely selfish on Joel’s part (*semi-spoiler* she leaves her fiancé for him!) I found that super harsh if he wasn’t planning on necessarily staying in the past with her forever.

However, the writing is very good and easy to read, and the plot development is great. The details of the past seem (at least to me – a person of very little knowledge of pre-war America) extremely well researched and presented. The story flows well and as far as time-travel romances go this is a good-un. (And the ending is exactly how you’d hope).

I received a copy of this book from the author for review.

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