360 To Paradise – Casey Marx

32033322So, to be honest, I didn’t understand half of this book. It was all hot babes, drugs and skating – not my forte. That being said, it was a great read.

Cody is a drug-dealing teen who thinks he’s God’s gift, until suddenly everything goes wrong. He knocks up his best friend, his parole officer is determined to get him put in prison, and he owes his dealer $12,000. Can he survive the day?

Cody’s narrative voice is great. I had no clue what he was on about most of the time, but I still loved it. It was pretty much non-stop action, drug taking and teenage-questioning-of-life, so what actually happened was kind of a blur. There’s a fantastic assortment of characters (Dane was my favourite – completely insane), who all bring a little something to the story (although I couldn’t for the life of me explain who contributed what). It’s brilliantly written, you can literally feel Cody’s panic and stress emanating from the page. The ending however, was so not what I wanted! And yet, it was right (I won’t spoil it by explaining). Definitely recommend this book as a fast-paced, action-packed drama, although be prepared to not understand a lot of what’s going on.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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