Bertie’s Gift – Hannah Coates

32332059Can one dog bring a family back together in time for Christmas?

Well, we already know the answer to that question is “yes”. But, to be fair, it’s not entirely predictable how.

In this festive tale, Bertie the beagle is separated from his sister and adopted into a family struggling with grief. It’s a challenging time for Bertie, as he fights to get his sister back and bring his new family together.

Now, I have always struggled with stories told from the point of view of pets (for this reason, I never even finished Warhorse – I just waited for the film instead). However, I persevered with Bertie’s Gift and, although I never warmed to the pet-perspective style, I did enjoy the story.

The book is certainly not the best written. While still enjoyable, the story is kind of flat and the characters are quite two-dimensional. There were parts were the dog behaviour was well observed, and other parts that felt weak. It is articulate, but not imaginative. That being said, it is a heart-warming tale, with some fun aspects (the cats were actually my favourite, even though I don’t like cats very much). Perfect for a light, Christmas read.

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