The Little Shop of Happy Ever After – Jenny Colgan

27258100When she’s made redundant from the job she loves, librarian Nina makes a drastic choice: she buys a van, leaves Birmingham and moves to a rural town in Scotland to run a mobile bookshop. Her new life in Scotland turns out to be everything she’s ever wanted, including – possibly – a real life romance.

Books about people who love books are always great. It creates an instant connection with the character because we understand each other. It was really fun following Nina as she looked for her fairy tale romance, only to realise that what she really wanted was a real-life relationship. The story is light, and well-written. The characters are quite likeable. There are no parts that are dark or too serious, making it a lovely light read. It’s just the thing for lovers of cute and easy romance. However, it’s a long way from the best in the genre. There’s nothing in particular wrong with The Little Shop of Happily Ever After, it’s just not totally gripping or exciting and I’ve definitely read better kitsch romance novels.

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