Class of ’59 – John A. Heldt

classof59In the fourth stand-alone book of the American Journey series, a young man from 1959 discovers a way to travel forward in time, where he runs into Mary Beth McIntire, who is vacationing with her sister, Piper, in the very same house 60 years in the future. Sharing his secret with this beautiful stranger, Mark and his brother, Ben, invite Mary Beth and Piper to travel back with them to 1959 for the adventure of a lifetime. But how can four people from different times build a lasting friendship? And what happens when someone else gets a hint of their big secret?

Class of ’59 is my favourite John Heldt book so far. There is absolutely no dilly-dallying around: the story gets into full flow within minutes. There is a danger aspect in the form of LA mobsters, but the majority of the book focuses on the romantic relationships between Mary Beth and Mark, and Ben and Piper. It’s a sweet, well-written romance a good deal of history and some excitement thrown in for good measure.

The insight into 1950s America is fascinating: from drive-ins to school dances, the period has been researched well and presented in a surprisingly believable manner. The characters are likeable and realistic, if a little too optimistic considering the situation they’re in. As always with Heldt’s stories, the outcome is predictable but how it will come about is a mystery until the end.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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