Take the Body and Run – Jada Ryker

31842341Macey’s first day at her new job in the college relations department doesn’t go to plan. She’s attacked at knife-point and pisses off all the wrong people (basically, everyone). Unintentionally gathering a team of unlikely sidekicks, Macey claws her way to the bottom of a series of murders, all the while trying to keep her past and her true identity secret.

I have to be honest: I DID NOT GET THIS BOOK. Everyone is so mean and unprofessional. Like, what? How have they not all been fired? It’s so unrealistic. The women in Macey’s office are awful. They’re inappropriate and nasty, and then, suddenly, two-thirds of way through they’re all best friends. Very confusing. The only character I did like was Brett and he basically just laughed the whole time. Also, I never fully understood why Macey got involved in the murder investigations in the first place. It’s not in her job description, and she was weirdly keen on drawing attention to herself for someone on the run.

The story did take off a bit in the second half of the book (although the bizarre fight scene between Macey, Brett, Leila and Sergio was super hard to follow – I’m still not sure what happened), but the rest was slow and seriously flawed. I’ve read worse. After all, I did at least make it all the way through this book, but I would not recommend it to anyone looking for something serious or clever.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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