The Spiral Cage – Al Davison

3390365I’ve never reviewed a graphic novel before (I’ve actually never read one before this either) so this will be short but sweet.

The Spiral Cage is an autobiographical graphic novel in which Al Davison explores his struggle to overcome the disability he was born with: spina bifida. It is powerful and thought-provoking (if a little confusing at times). As someone so unfamiliar with graphic novels, this might not have been the best one to start with, but I certainly found it interesting. A lot of pages contained no words at all and I found it difficult to follow, especially as there are a lot of time-shifts and a lot of emotional expression.

I did enjoy reading this book (and appreciating the illustrations) but there was a serious disconnect for me which was mainly down to a lack of comprehension.

2 thoughts on “The Spiral Cage – Al Davison

  1. Sofia @ BookishWanderess says:

    I don’t read that many graphic novels because I always feel disconnected with the stories. I sometimes think that instead of adding something to the story, the images actually take something away, at least for me. I have read a few that I have really liked, but graphic novels are definitely not for me. Nonetheless, this one sounds interesting and I’m glad you still enjoyed it.

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