Heartborn – Terry Maggert

29755190The plot of Heartborn is quite difficult to explain because I’m not actually really sure what was going on. We follow two threads: one following House Windhook in their attempt to shake things up in what I assume was the angelic realm, and one following Livvy as she works in a library, struggling with her failing heart, until she meets Keiron who sacrifices everything to save her. The details and anything in between completely went over my head.

Angel stories are difficult to get right, and Terry Maggert really missed the mark with Heartborn. Even if the plot had been easier to follow, I still don’t think it would have drawn me in. I just didn’t find myself caring about any of the characters. The only saving grace was Livvy’s playful friendship with Dozer (literally the only part I really enjoyed reading). Even the twist at the end didn’t do anything for me because I was just pleased to have reached the end.

I’m aware that this has been an incredibly critical review, but I had much higher hopes for this book and it left me extremely underwhelmed. For an engaging and entertaining angelic YA story, I’d much sooner turn to Susan Ee’s Angelfall or even Lauren Kate’s Fallen. Ending on a positive note though, the cover is so pretty.

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