Just One Damned Thing After Another – Jodi Taylor

29661618St Mary’s is a unique establishment, involved in “investigating major historical events in contemporary time” (also known as… time-travel). The team at St Mary’s are eccentric and disaster-prone, and one false move can have dire consequences. Just One Damned Thing After Another follows St Mary’s catastrophic historians as they venture through time, from World War 1 to the Cretaceous Period, where all manner of madness ensues.

Our heroine, Max, is brilliant. Her narrative voice is witty, smart, dense and bold all at the same time. She’s not a damsel-in-distress but also not unrealistically feisty. The whole host of characters at St Mary’s are loveable and very entertaining. The characters and writing style were definitely my favourite aspects of this book, but the story is pretty strong too. A hell of a lot happens (there’s so much plot, I can’t even explain); the book covers a time frame of around six years so it’s pretty fast-paced but the transitions across time and events are smooth and easy to follow.

There really was so much more to this book than I expected, considering its size (not very big). An amazing amount of detail is well and truly crammed into a fairly short story, topped with humour, romance, action and pure madness, as well as some serious moments. It met my tastes perfectly.

There are a tonne of books in this series and I’m so excited to keep going.

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