The Food of Love – Amanda Prowse

30333119.jpgFreya and Lockie live a charmed life: 19 years of happy marriage and two lovely teenage daughters, Charlotte and Lexi. They are the perfect family, until Lexi develops severe anorexia and everything falls apart.

The Food of Love has good point and bad points. Freya is annoying I didn’t like her. She seemed to be far more concerned with not upsetting her daughter than with helping her get better. And everything is about her, about what she’s done wrong as a mother, rather than about her daughter who is ill, or her poor other daughter who she is neglecting. And she won’t let her husband help which is stupid because they’re his children too. Basically, I disagree with everything Freya does, which stopped me from loving the book because it’s written from her perspective. The turmoil the family are put through is quite moving, but the story is repetitive and I didn’t find Lexi very relatable, which made it hard to understand or sympathise with her.

FORTUNATELY the story is pretty engaging despite Freya’s narrative voice being so annoying. I don’t know much about eating disorders and it is a very interesting read. It is clear that the author did a great deal of research for this book, which I respect. It’s a hard book to judge because I wouldn’t say I particularly liked or enjoyed the story, and yet I couldn’t put it down. Something to be said for the quality of writing: it’s quite a feat to engage your reader so much into a story they don’t really like.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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