Eye of the Storm – Frank Cavallo

31363558.jpgWhen on a research mission to record the existence of Neanderthals in a remote area of the world, Eric Slade, Anna Fayne and their team are caught in a mysterious storm. Having survived a crash landing, they find themselves stranded in a lost world on the other side of a rift in time. Desperate to find a way home, Slade and Anna have no choice but to team up with a warrior queen and a dark wizard in order to find a magical treasure with the power to open a gateway between worlds.

The story starts out very King-Kong-esk: researchers travelling to a previously unknown place filled with dinosaurs and other unusual creatures (which is okay because I do actually like King-Kong). It becomes its own story when the focus shifts away from the creatures and onto the more intelligent inhabitants of this world.

Eye of the Storm is set in a beautiful and detailed world. There is a huge amount of description which makes the setting very easy to picture, but it doesn’t feel like the unnecessary detail that I find in many fantasy novels. However, the large amounts of scenery description does mean that the story is quite slow, in the kind of way that would probably work better in a book series rather than a stand-alone story. It also spans over quite a long time-range which isn’t always clear, and it took a distressingly long time for Slade and Anna to be reunited after they’d been split up.

One good point to the plot is that, until towards the end, it isn’t never fully clear who the bad guys actually are. Tarquin is presented as a villain for most of the book but actually seems like quite a chill guy; Kerr seems to see-saw between good and bad, and his ultimate aims are unclear; Azreth is the only one who comes across as obviously bad but his reasons seem to just be that he’s power crazed? I liked the unpredictability that this brought to the story.

Overall I would say that this book has some issues with pacing and is unnecessarily long, but contains fantastic world building and an intriguing storyline.

I received a copy of this book from Book Publicity Services in exchange for an honest review.


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