Birds Art Life Death – Kyo Maclear

birdsartlifedeath.pngThis intriguing memoir explores Kyo Maclear’s year spent following a musician friend on his birding excursions. Searching for a way to manage her grief over her father’s terminal illness, she discovers the beauty and importance of birds. She questions how our passions shape us, and the significance of knowledge.

I really liked this book. It doesn’t follow a particular storyline, instead it is made up of chapters based on different aspects of Maclear’s self-exploration. Because of this structure, the book does not ‘flow’ and is quite a slow read considering its length (only around 250 pages), but it is still well-written and enjoyable.

I personally do not have any particular interest in birds. I appreciate their beauty and like to see them around, but am not a bird watcher by any stretch of the imagination. I probably don’t fit into the target audience for this book, but it did not hinder my reading experience at all. Maclear’s thoughts are insightful and intriguing, and I really enjoyed learning a bit more about birds and birding in general.

I especially loved the images and sketches included in the book. I wish that I had read a physical copy rather than an ebook because I do think that the reading experience of this book didn’t live up to its full potential on a kindle (not something I think about many books).

I recommend this book even to those who are not especially interested in birds or memoirs. It is approachable, easy to understand and really quite thought-provoking.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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