Halfway Dead – Terry Maggert

25827242.jpgCarlie McEwan is a witch. She spends her days working in the local diner, and spends the rest of her time protecting her town from magical creatures. When a stranger comes to town, Carlie is sent on a dangerous mission to rescue a lost spirit, and defeat a monster.

I’ve read one of Terry Maggert’s books before (a book about angels, called Heartborn) which was, basically, a huge disappointment. However, I didn’t let it put me off reading more of his work – and I’m so glad! I really enjoyed Halfway Dead, and already have the rest of the witchy series waiting on my kindle. The plot is very simple and straightforward, which I actually liked. There are only a few characters with big roles, so the story is easy to follow and there’s some nice character development. Carlie is a snarky but likeable protagonist, and I liked Jim and Wulfric as her sidekicks. The mild romance aspect of the book was a bit sudden and underdeveloped, but the story doesn’t focus much on the romance so it didn’t matter that that aspect wasn’t perfectly done. It was actually pretty nice to read a YA book with a female protagonist without a big romance. (I also LOVED that Carlie has problems with her hair and isn’t constantly referred to as beautiful, or even unusual. Aside from being a witch, Carlie’s character is relatable and pretty realistic.)

It’s a light, quirky adventure with plenty of magic and humour. One I definitely recommend.

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