Final Girls – Riley Sager

30215662Ten years ago, Quincy Carpenter was the soul survivor of a horror-movie style massacre that happened on a holiday with her friends. To her dismay, Quincy is dubbed a Final Girl by the press, and becomes an unwilling member of a very exclusive group with two other Final Girls, Lisa and Sam. Despite attempts by Lisa and the media, the three girls never meet. Desperate not to be defined by what happened to her, Quincy struggles to move on with her life. She has a successful website and a nice, lawyer boyfriend. All is going quite well, until the news that Lisa has been found dead, with her wrists slit. Until Sam turns up on Quincy’s doorstep and draws her back into her pain and anger. In a rollercoaster of events, Quincy finds herself under suspicion from the law, doubting Sam’s motives, and terrified by her own actions.

I spent about two thirds of this book thoroughly enjoying it but finding it pretty predictable. I thought I knew who was doing what (although not why), but WOW was I wrong. There are so many twists and layers, but they make perfect sense. Every mystery in unravelled in an unexpected but perfectly plausible way – it’s brilliant.

I actually didn’t like the characters very much – especially Quincy. She was quite wimpy and really annoying how she refused to tell anyone what was going on or ask for help, even though she had people she knew would be willing to help her. But considering her background I was able to forgive her for her silly decisions. I also didn’t like the amount of sexual content, but that’s just me (don’t worry, it isn’t overly graphic or unnecessary – I just don’t particularly enjoy reading about sex), but the things I didn’t like didn’t detract from the suspense or mystery at all.

Final Girls is a brilliant story: Clever and very well-written. The best thriller of 2017 (so far).

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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