Hush, Hush – Becca Fitzpatrick

6339664Hush, Hush is basically an angelic imitation of Twilight. Nora is made to sit next to a moody teenage boy – Patch – in school and finds herself drawn to him despite (or because of) the aura of danger around him. The parallels with Twilight are many, and are laughable. She even googles what she thinks is going on, exactly like Bella does with Edward. There are so many flaws: Nora doesn’t even bat an eyelid at the fact that Patch is possibly a fallen angel, and deals remarkably well with multiple people trying to kill her. In fact, she manages to maintain her focus on her attraction to Patch throughout the entire book. The girl has questionable priorities but fantastic concentration.

I actually did quite like Nora. She’s surprisingly un-whiney for a YA protagonist, and Patch is an incredibly clichéd but likeable character. Looking back, the story is actually pretty awful. Not much happens; almost the whole book is about Nora and Patch’s blossoming romance, with very little actually being about angels and whatnot. Yet, I really enjoyed it. It’s hard to pinpoint what I actually enjoyed about this book because I’m not even sure what was going on for half of it, but I couldn’t put it down. Maybe I’m just a sucker for a paranormal YA romance, all I know is I loved it and will definitely be reading book #2.

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