Right Here Waiting For You – Rebecca Pugh

34150011.jpgMagda and Sophia used to be best friends, until Magda made one big mistake she couldn’t take back. Years later, both women receive invitations to a school reunion, bringing them back into each other’s lives. Back home and faced with her past mistakes, Magda is forced to re-evaluate her life and make some big decisions, while Sophia has to make some tough choices of her own.

This is a sweet and quite short story about friendship and love. I’m not sure why it’s being marketed as “a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy”, but there you have it. Romantic: yes. Comedy: No.

The writing is very simple. It’s a little underdeveloped and easy to skim over, which made it a nice, quick read but not particularly engaging. The plot itself isn’t bad, if a little annoying in places because of how obvious and predictable it is. For some reason the author insists on trying to act like what’s happening isn’t totally obvious (e.g. the way each woman’s POV refers to the other as “her” instead of giving the name even though we clearly know who they mean). It isn’t a brilliant or especially original story but it’s entertaining nonetheless. I breezed through it very quickly and it didn’t drag at any point, despite its flaws.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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