Enchantress – James Maxwell

22617388.jpgSince childhood, Ella has dreamed of becoming an enchantress. Her brother, Miro, has his own dreams of becoming a bladesinger – one of the world’s greatest swordsmen. While the two set forth to achieve their dreams, a darkness is brewing, taking over the land bit by bit and the siblings find themselves being accelerated forward as Miro is sent to the front and Ella becomes involved in a life-changing adventure. Her actions will determine the fate of her brother, her homeland, and the entire world.

Enchantress is the first book in the Evermen Saga, setting the scene for some very grand adventures. It is long (600+ pages) and very detailed, which makes the world-building and character development excellent. The story-world is well thought out (and there’s a map! I love a map), and bears many similarities to the real world, making it easy to comprehend (issues such as race and social status come into play). There are a lot of different characters, but only a few are known to us in great detail so the number of characters never gets confusing. New characters throughout the book are introduced well and integrated into the story.

I personally loved reading about a main character called Ella (in case you hadn’t realised, that’s my name) and I found her to be a mostly likeable character. Her storyline was particularly interesting and fun to read. Miro’s plot interested me slightly less; there was a lot of detail about his movements on the front line of battle, with full inclusion of general life in war rather than just individual battles. Although I was less into this, the whole thing was still very engrossing.

Enchantress is a very good and well written book, but I have mixed feelings about the series. It almost falls into the YA category, but with some pretty heavy violence, some slightly-more-than-PG sex scenes and references to almost rape pushing it more comfortably out of YA and into adult fantasy. While reading, I wasn’t sure whether I’d bother carrying on to the next instalment, but now, having finished, I’m finding myself very tempted to buy book #2.

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