Friend Request – Laura Marshall

34660765When she receives an unexpected Facebook friend request, Louise’s life is thrown off-kilter. She is a single mother with a successful career, but a friend request from Maria Weston, a classmate who went missing- presumed dead – over twenty-five years ago dredges up unpleasant memories from Louise’s time at school and an awful secret from the night Maria disappeared. As Maria’s messages escalate, Louise reconnects with the people from her past to uncover the events of that terrible night, and discover the true identity of the person behind the messages.

The story switches between past and present, as Louise processes current events and looks back on her time at school. Despite the mixed timelines, the story flows well and is easy to read. It is, essentially, about the effects of bullying and a word of caution against sharing too much personal information on social media. It is an engaging mystery/psychological thriller with very current themes.

I didn’t get on well with any of the characters, but particularly Louise. I found her weak and difficult to support. Unsurprisingly, my inability to relate to or empathise with the main character did hinder my reading experience to some extent. However, despite my lack of connection with the characters, the story was engaging and kept me interested throughout. Friend Request is relevant and intriguing, but I have read better thrillers this year.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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