T5W – Classes Based on Books/Characters


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme run by Thoughts on Tomes. (You can find the Goodreads group for it here) This week’s topic is Classes Based on Books or Characters. The idea here is that we make up classes based on characters’ skills or books (not to go for easy and obvious options like Harry Potter). So here are my Top 5 classes I’d like to take…

  1. Apocalypse Survival (Defender by G X Todd) – Lacey and Pilgrim get by surprisingly well in a post-apocalyptic world full of murderers and thieves, so I think they’d be pretty good teachers for a class based on how to survive an apocalypse. Which is obviously something we should all be prepared for… Image result for apocalypse
  2. Gods of the World (American Gods by Neil Gaiman) – Neil Gaiman introduced us to a lot of gods from different cultures in American Gods and I would love to know more about all of them, as well as the ones who feature in his Norse Mythology and any others from around the world. Image result for american gods
  3. Immortal Activities (Twilight by Stephanie Meyer) – Vampires are immortal (obviously) which means they have a lot of time to kill. Besides falling in love with an excessively annoying human, Edward had a lot of skills. This class would be focussed on the best ways to use your time if you live forever. Image result for edward cullen
  4. Mythical Jewellery 101 (The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkein) – Pretty sure Frodo, Bilbo and Gandalf could give us a detailed lesson on magical, mythical and cursed jewellery. Their main piece of advice would probably be STAY AWAY. Image result for the one ring
  5. How to Handle Alternative Universes (Dark Matter by Blake Crouch) – On the off-chance that one might wake up in an alternate universe and not know how to get back home, this would be a very handy class to take. Image result for alternate universes

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