Sal – Mick Kitson

34215676.jpgAfter a year of planning and preparation, Sal is ready. Ready to protect her sister, Peppa, and take matters into her own hands. On the run after killing her mum’s abusive boyfriend, Sal takes Peppa to survive in the Galloway Forest.

This is a really special book. I loved Sal, and was really impressed that a middle-aged man was able to write from the perspective of a troubled 13-year-old girl so perfectly. Because the book is written from Sal’s point-of-view, it goes off on random tangents and we get important parts of the story bit by bit, as she thinks of them. It’s a really interesting style of writing that I really enjoyed.

A lot of heavy subjects are featured in this book: abuse, murder, alcoholism, neglect. But they’re approached in a way that isn’t too hard-hitting, while also not making light of them.

Laced with humour, this is the moving and brilliantly written story of a young girl taking control.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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