The Winters – Lisa Gabriele

41554703Drawn into a whirlwind romance, a young woman moves into the grand, secluded mansion of her fiance, Max Winters. But the house is drenched in memories of his dead wife, Rebekah, and their teen daughter, Dani, is determined to make her life a living hell. As the future Mrs Winter’s fears grow, she is dragged further and further into the family’s dark secrets.

The Winters is apparently a re-telling of the classic novel Rebecca. This information doesn’t seem to be made as obvious as it perhaps should be. I haven’t read Rebecca so can’t make comparisons, but it feels important to note than the story isn’t entirely original.

The unnamed lead character is incredibly annoying. It also seems very unlikely that someone so self-deprecating and self-conscious would ever end up with a man like Max Winter. It frustrated me to no end that she let him shout at her and make unreasonable decisions like keeping the greenhouse locked without any explanation or discussion. Their relationship was very one-sided and I kind of hated her for being so weak and useless. Also, I didn’t see how she could have spent her whole life on an island and not have made a single friend or important relationship. Yes, she has no family, but how has she lived this long without a single friend or close acquaintance. I just didn’t find it believable.

I didn’t love this book, or particularly like it. But, I did read it all the way to the end, so it wasn’t completely bad.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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