Do Not Disturb – Claire Douglas

40194371.jpgHaving opened a hotel in a small village in Wales with her mother, Kirsty anticipates some challenges. Living and working under the same roof as her mother at the same time as raising her two daughters and trying desperately not to put any stress onto her husband, who has suffered from severe depression in the past, certainly isn’t easy. What she doesn’t anticipate, however, is the return of ghosts from the past and their guest-house becoming the scene of a murder.

Do Not Disturb is incredibly suspenseful. The twists and secrets are revealed very slowly throughout the story which, although frustrating because I spent much of the book unable to work out what was going on, definitely kept me interested. Claire Douglas’ writing is always skilful; she definitely knows how to write a psychological thriller.

The characters were a little problematic for me. Kirsty, Adrian, Kirsty’s mother and Selena were all pretty difficult to get along with. It made it hard to really support any characters, but at the same time it meant nobody was quite clearly innocent.

I especially enjoyed the reveal in this book. It was unexpected and entirely plausible. I was gripped throughout.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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