The Sentence is Death – Anthony Horowitz

39913740.jpgSuccessful celebrity-divorce lawyer Richard Price is found dead in his home, smashed around the head with an expensive bottle of wine. The Sentence is Death sees the return of Private Investigator Daniel Hawthorne and his writer assistant, Anthony Horowitz. As the investigation unfolds and Anthony’s other projects are put in jeopardy, he finds himself questioning his decision to write another book about Hawthorne. However, the desire to be the one to solve the murder is simply too strong to resist.

This book is another great crime novel from Anthony Horowitz and an excellent follow-up to The Word is Murder. The main characters are already firmly established (I wouldn’t recommend reading this without having read book #1 first), and the partnership of this crime-solving duo really works. Hawthorne is as rude and grumpy as ever, while Anthony is timid but determined to make a contribution in solving the murder.

Considering that these characters and their relationship have already been introduced, there is surprisingly little character development: we learn very little more about Hawthorne. He’s still a strong character, as is Anthony himself, but we are given only a very small amount of new information about either of them. I still find it fascinating that Horowitz has turned himself into the main character of his book, as well as being the narrator. With all the little real-life details in the book, the story feels 100% real and genuine. I think it’s fiction, but it’s honestly difficult to say. The way the book is written, it could easily be based on truth.

The plot is detailed and unexpected. It’s a fun read and very well executed.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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