Family Trust – Kathy Wang

38359019For years, Stanley Huang has claimed to be worth a small fortune. Now, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and close to the end, Stanley’s true worth is about to be revealed and his family is worried. His two children, Fred and Kate, and his ex-wife, Linda, find themselves at odds with his current wife, Mary, as each wonder what they’re going to get when Stanley dies.

This book really missed the mark for me. The only reason I didn’t DNF it is because I was sent a physical copy and felt guilty about not reading it. But, honestly, the time I spent reading this book was time wasted. There were two major negative factors making me dislike this book: the characters and the plot.

First, the characters: Good Lord, I hated them all. They were all obsessed with money and didn’t really seem to care about much else – least of all each other. This is a book about family, but this family didn’t care about each other at all. They spent literally the entire time worrying about money, calculating costs and trying to get more money. And these people appeared to be quite rich, so they didn’t need more money. It’s a culture that I simply did not get.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, the plot: Boring, to put it simply. The official blurb makes it sound like a reasonably intricate family drama but, really, it’s all about money. Stanley Huang is dying and his family all start panicking and making grabby hands at his money. That appeared to be the extent of it. And it’s not even a short book.

Other reviews have talked about the multilayered-ness of this book, but I simply didn’t see it. The best parts were definitely the chapters focusing on Kate and her marriage, but these were too short and too few, squeezed between truly dreadful chapters following Fred’s money-grabbing antics.

Unless you’re particularly a fan of these kinds of books (compared by many to Crazy Rich Asians), I would advise a wide berth. Finding something better won’t be hard.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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