Then She Vanishes – Claire Douglas

44428372Jess and Heather used to be best friends, until Heather’s sister disappeared and Jess started to pull away from her. Years later, Heather is the prime suspect in a brutal double murder, but no one can understand why she did it. With Heather in a coma having attempted to kill herself, Jess – now a reporter – returns to her childhood town to get the inside scoop on Heather and the inexplicable shootings.

I didn’t love this story as much as I loved some of Claire Douglas’ other books. Then She Vanishes is well-written throughout, but it’s a bit predictable and I didn’t like the characters, particularly Jess. I think it’s important that the main character in this genre of book be likeable, and I simply couldn’t get on board with Jess. I found her quite self-involved, and her personality didn’t seem to match up with the outwardly playful character that the author was trying to make her, based on her fashion choices.

Then She Vanishes was a thrilling and easy read, but it isn’t anything special. The predictability was a shame, and there was just something about this book that makes it very easy to forget.

That being said, the opening chapter is truly excellent. It’s a shame the rest of the book couldn’t match up.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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