Adults – Emma Jane Unsworth

50108244._SX318_SY475_TW: Miscarriage.

Jenny is falling apart. Her boyfriend has left her, her friends are sick of her, and her job is hanging by a thread, but you wouldn’t know it from her social media. On the surface, Jenny’s life looks successful and happy, but on the inside she is anxious, insecure and has an obsessive need for validation.

I found this to be a really stressful read. Jenny was a truly infuriating character, but also incredibly relatable. Despite being pretty annoying, she has a marvellous narrative voice.: smart, witty and full of hilarious insights.

There isn’t really that much of a plot. The story centres around Jenny’s relationship with social media, and how that affects her relationships with others. The only way the plot really develops is in Jenny’s acceptance of her problem, and the way that allows her to let go of her ex and repair her relationships with her friends and her mother.

I liked the way the book is written. The writing style is excellent – very readable – and the chapters jump backwards and forwards through time, which was a little bit confusing but quite effective. My biggest criticism is that Adults is almost too smart. It’s very ‘woke’, and Jenny seems to be completely aware that she has a problem throughout the book, but doesn’t bother to do anything about it, rather than being in denial which would have felt more genuine. This took away some of the realism.

Adults is such a relevant book right now, with such an emphasis on our obsession with social media and our need for validation and ‘likes’ from strangers on the internet (says the girl with Twitter, two Instagram accounts and a blog).

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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