Hello. My name is Ella and I’m a bookaholic. I decided to start this blog to keep track of my addiction, and to review each book I read (in the hopes of possibly helping others to feed their book addiction).

My favourite genres are fantasy and adventure (anything involving a dragon is a sure winner), with romance, mystery and horror following close behind, but I do also dabble in most other genres. Basically anything with a good cover/title/blurb/author/reputation/colour scheme…

I am a student (English Language at Cardiff Uni) in the UK (usually located in South Wales or the Westcountry) hoping beyond hope to enter into the world of publishing and editing.

If you like my blog, give it a follow so you can stay up-to-date and don’t hesitate to contact me (via comments, goodreads, or my twitter or email). Please feel free to recommend me a book, or let me know if you’d like me to review your work. I’m always after new things to read and I love to support aspiring authors.

*Disclaimer* This blog claims no credit for any images posted on this site. All images are found by searching Google Images, or by using images provided by publishers on sites such as NetGalley.

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