Hannah’s Moon – John A. Heldt

34212850In the latest instalment of the American Journey series, the Bells send Claire and Ron Rasmussen back in time to 1945 where they will be able to quickly and easily adopt a baby. Taking Claire’s brother, David, along for support, the three set up to spend a few months in Tennessee while the adoption is being finalized. However, not everything goes according to plan. In Heldt’s darkest story yet, David finds himself falling for their engaged neighbour, while Ron finds himself forced to join the Navy during a time of war, and Claire is left to care for their new baby on her own.

This book has a much more complex plot than previous books in the series, and a bigger focus on time travel issues than on actual life in the past. The times still appear to be still well researched (although I know next-to-nothing about American history so I can’t really judge) and, as ever, the story is very well written. I really liked that some of the issues of time travel are dealt with in this book – it adds an element of realism to the series, because there’s no way the Bells could do and organise all this time travel without someone eventually noticing. Also, for the first time, there’s some serious risk that a character could actually die. I won’t give any detail, but it’s pretty intense.

*Caution: semi-spoiler but not really* I really loved the ending. Bringing together characters from the rest of the series was a genius move. It was really nice to find out how the people from previous stories are getting on and a neat way to tie together the whole series.

Hannah’s Moon is another charming and easy read from John Heldt. (Although it is longer and more complex than his other stories). As always, if you like time-travel romance, this is for you.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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